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    To get the most out the QuickBooks Forums, take 30 seconds and register now.

    It's free, easy, and gives you maximum access to all our QuickBooks resources.

    Registering gives you many benefits...
    • Post new messages, and reply to others'
    • Set up your own Quickbooks Forums user profile.
    • Post attachments to your thread
    • Edit or delete your own posts
    • Post or vote on a poll
    • Receive QuickBooks User News, our free monthly eNewsletter
    • And more!

    Register simply by clicking the register button at the top of the page. We do moderate new members in order to keep the forum spam down. When your registration is approved, you will be notified by email. You can then log in and then take advantage of everything in the QuickBooks Forums!

    <i>Note: All of your registration information is treated as private and confidential information, and will not be released to any other party.</i>

    While you are waiting for approval, you can still browse the forums and search for information you need.

    We have different forums for different QuickBooks areas of interest, including versions for the UK, Australia and Canada.

    After your registration has been approved, you can log in to the forums, click on a particular forum (like the QuickBooks Pro Forum) and click on New Thread to post a new message on that forum.

    When you post your new message, please include the version of QuickBooks you are using. Sometimes that makes a difference.

    Click on an existing thread to read a message and all the replies to that message. You can reply to messages also.

    We look forward to your participation in the QuickBooks Forums!
    Shannon Tucker
    email: tucker at

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    I'm a registered user but dont see where I can post a question. It appears that my post goes to my profile. Am I missing something?


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      To post a new thread, first login. Then click on the subforum you want to post to (e.g. QuickBooks Pro Forum), then click the blue button at the top of the forum listing that says "New Thread" and go from there. Let us know if any other questions about that, and thanks for being part of our community!
      Shannon Tucker
      email: tucker at