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Quickbooks 2003 on Windows 10

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  • Quickbooks 2003 on Windows 10

    For some years, I ran my small limited company on Quickbooks 2003 never feeling the need to upgrade. A few years ago, I liquidated the company and reinstalled QB 2003 several times on successive new pcs so that I could access my old company files if needed. Unfortunately it seems that an upgrade to Windows 10 has resulted in my being unable to install QB from my CD on my latest pc. I get various error messages but, more commonly, one to do with the system being unable to access the font library or some such. I would really like to get QB running again. Can anyone help please?

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    Sorry but QB 2015 is the first to work on win10. I'm surprised you got 2003 to work on win 7 to be honest


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      I have read also that QB2015 is the oldest version of QB that can be used on Win 10. However, I have been using QB Pro desktop 2013 on Win 10 since it came out. It did take a while to boot up initially until by accident I discovered if i opened it through Administrator it was much quicker. The only drawback with QB2013 is that I can't link it to Lloyds Bank, which I believe you can with the latest edition.


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        I dont know whether this is relevent but I'm using a Sony Vaio Ultrabook i3. It does have in addition to the hard drive , a 30gb Solid State storage.


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          The answer is to create a virtual machine. I've run old versions of Quickbooks in this way and it works perfectly. For example, if you know your version of Quickbooks works correctly on Windows 7 then the idea is to create a Windows 7 virtual machine and install it under that. Take a look at


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            You are trying to use outdated software on your new PC. I commend that but I also would like you to understand that using outdated software can be a security loophole. QuickBooks 2015 is the beginning of the series from QuickBooks that works on Windows 10.
            You need to get a new version of QuickBooks to handle your accounting.