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  • 30 days + end of month

    Hi I am new to quickbooks online and very new here. Quickbooks is doing most of what we require but as we are learning by trial and error (more error than expected) we have noticed a issue that is annoying. I have tried the online help through message and phone call and have no joy. What I would like to set up is 30 days - end of month to apply to our invoices and also our suppliers accounts. so to explain if I issue an invoice on January 5th that invoice is due on the last day of February. It seems that by using the "add new" function in the terms drop down menu I can specify an amount of days or in the second option "due by certain day of the month" under this is the unintelligible
    " Due the next month if issued within

    days of due date"
    can anybody enlighten me?

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    As I understand it, let's say you want invoices due on the 15th
    So you decide a 7 days "grace" period is needed
    set the within part or that condition to 7 days
    and if the invoice is issued 7 or fewer days before the 15th, the due date will be next month not this month