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Quickbooks Pro 2016 shutting down when switching between companies

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  • Quickbooks Pro 2016 shutting down when switching between companies

    I posted on a forum online and have seen many posts after mine concerning the issue of the databases closing when switching between companies ever since the last update at the end of May. There seems to be a loop that if you click the mouse button quickly until it opens it skips it and leaves it open.
    The suggestion from the engineers to not touch the keyboard while it is loading does not work. As you are probably aware, it is not efficient to stop working while the database loads.
    We currently have 3 machines all running QB Pro 16 on Windows 10. The two machines updated to the last update are experiencing this issue and the one machine that we have purposely not updated is not having this issue.
    I also sent this problem in a message through QuickBooks (as I was asked to do when I called in) and have received absolutely no response.

    Please advise when we can expect a fix as this is very annoying and time consuming on a daily basis.
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    I think this is a server/computer problem. I have the same issue. I find if I switch slower it will work. If I do it quickly the program shuts down or I get another error message.