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"This action cannot be completed because this program is busy" ???

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  • "This action cannot be completed because this program is busy" ???

    I finally got to install my brand new copy of QuickBook Pro 2008.

    Seems to be going fine, except that I get a "Server Busy" message box, telling me:

    This action cannot be completed because the other
    program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the
    busy program and correct the problem.
    Any idea what's wrong? AFAIK, there is no "other program" and so I have no clue what QuickBook Pro 2008 wants from my life.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Is the HD location on the local PC or on the Server? Windows needs to make reg entries and if it is installing the program on the server and the reg entries on the local PC you get errors.
    Joe Williams
    Piedmont, Ok


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      This is a bug, make sure you update to the newest update of 2008 - if it usually happens after you've been online through QB or have exported a report to Excel, it's harmless, and usually waiting will "cure" it.


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        Thank you for your replies. It surely looks like a bug because this problem simply disappeared once I rebooted the computer. As for the installation location, I installed it locally on my PC, not on a server.
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          Regretfully, I was wrong in concluding that the bug disappeared.

          Yes, if I reboot my PC, Quickbooks Pro 2008 will behave as if nothing happened - until the next "surprise" freeze.

          I have applied Intuit's latest & greatest update (R5P) but that didn't help.

          So far, it didn't result in data loss or corruption, but it was very close...

          Any idea whether there is a fix or workaround to that?

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            I just found the following "tip" in Intuit's web site:


            To resolve this problem:
            1. Close QuickBooks Help if it is open.
            2. Right-click the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager. The Task Manager window opens.
            3. Click the Applications tab.
            4. Search the Task column for the QuickBooks icon followed by the company name. Click it once to select it, and then click the End Task button. The QuickBooks application closes.
            5. Open QuickBooks and then try the action again (for example, send the transaction using Outlook or back up the company file).

            If the error still occurs, follow the steps above and reboot the computer before opening QuickBooks.
            Is that all what Intuit can offer???

            Is Intuit aware at all that that above described "solution" can result in data loss or corruption?


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              It's not a bug. Intuit intentionally implemented this irritating behavior to force you to connect to Intuit's web servers.

              If you installed your QB copy on a PC that's not connected to the Internet (or have a firewall that's blocking QB access to the Internet), you will have to live with this problem. A while ago I contacted QB's support and they said that Intuit has no plan to fix this.

              This is why they have this pathetic workaround in their web site.



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                I am also having this problem. Greg.....can you explain what you mean by "force you to connect to Intuit's web servers"? How do I do this? Will this get rid of the problem.

                Thanks, Joan


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                  This Action cannot be completed because the other Program is busy...choose 'Switch...

                  Has anyone been able to resolve this without having to pay additional money to QB through the call in center? I have tried the QB fix from their site and it does nothing.



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                    In my opinion, this ball is in Intuit's court to fix and/or address with better error handling within their software.

                    Let's clarify some things (some of these are a bit technical, so bear with me):

                    (1) The "Server is busy" message is provided by Microsoft's COM (Component Object Model) system, not by QuickBooks or any of Intuit's software components. COM is a software system that allows various programs (and pieces of programs) to communicate through a generic interfacing system which allows programs to access services provided by other programs, without knowing the location or other specifics about the program providing the services. By default, COM provides the "Server is busy" message when a requested program or service is currently unavailable.

                    (2) If the "Server is busy" message was indeed provided by COM, of which I'm 99% certain, it has *nothing* to do with "connecting to Intuit's servers" across the Web, nor even across your own network. "Server" in this context only means "a program which serves something to another program". A Web server, accepts requests for information across the Internet and sends something back to the client that initiated the request. And simply stated, a COM server accepts requests from other programs within the same computer, and sends something back to the client *program* that initiated the request. Unlike the Web server case though, the request/response loop happens entirely within your own computer.

                    (3) Since, as one poster stated, an Intuit-suggested remedy is to shut down QuickBooks using Task Manager, then most likely QuickBooks is making a COM request for an object or service which cannot be fulfilled. Why can't it? Because the "server" (the program providing something to QuickBooks) is "busy", which can mean lots of things: a program error may have rendered the program incapable of handling requests. In some cases, a "Server is busy" error will appear when a program has a modal dialog open, like a "Save As..." dialog. (A modal dialog is one which you must deal with or close before the program will accept other commands from you.)

                    (4) So this problem is "out of Intuit's hands" or "not their fault", right? Not necessarily. There's a specific COM interface (called IMessageFilter) which a program like QuickBooks can implement, so that COM will *notify* the program when a requested server is busy. So QuickBooks should be able to detect this "Server is busy" situation and gracefully provide an error message which does not result in the lockups/problems described in this message thread. The programmers at Intuit aren't dummies though, so in their defense I'll say that it is *conceivable* that this whole "Server is busy" mess happens because of a chain of COM calls (QuickBooks calls some other program, and it it turn calls others), which are outside of QuickBooks' control.

                    However, from what I remember about IMessageFilter I still believe it's likely that QuickBooks should be able to detect and gracefully circumvent this problem.

                    From where did I get this knowledge? Our company produces software which interfaces with QuickBooks....and what kind of interface do you suppose QuickBooks provides? One based on COM! Early on, our software got "Server is busy" errors from time to time when trying to access QuickBooks (in this role, QuickBooks is the "server"). But we fixed those problems...I'd think Intuit might be able to do the same.<g>

                    Mark Wilsdorf
                    Flagship Technologies, Inc.
                    QuickBooks™ Add-Ons and Solutions You Can Use
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                      Thanks!!! I have wondered just what "Server Busy" meant. I hope that Intuit can develop a fix for that problem!!!
                      Joe Williams
                      Piedmont, Ok


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                        I had the exact same problem and was able to "fix" it over the phone with Intuit... after 45 minutes and talking to 3 different customer service reps.

                        After going through numerous steps over the phone, they finally told me to disable automatic updates, which they believed to be the probable cause of the error
                        (as of February 2009).

                        I am running PRO2009.
                        To disable the automatic updates, go to "Help" > "Update Quickbooks" then click on the "Options" tab and select "No" to automatic updates.

                        After turning off automatic updates, I have had NO problems (it's been over 2 months). I just have a reminder in my calendar to manually check for updates once a month.
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                          Just for "fun," I turned automatic updates back on, and I received the error message:

                          Server Busy
                          This action cannot be completed because the other
                          program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the
                          busy program and correct the problem.

                          I have once again turned off automatic updates.


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                            Thank you for this. . .

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