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Customer names in income reports

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  • Customer names in income reports

    I use QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 for a small nonprofit. Every year in January, we generate letters to send to our donors, acknowledging their total donations in the last calendar year. I usually generate an "Income by Customer Detail" report to get the information needed for these letters. However, I'm not sure how to get their names to show up in the way I want. Our customer IDs are always in "Lastname, Firstname" format. But when entering contact info for each customer I also use the full name fields to enter each person's first and last names. When generating the letters, I'd like to include those fields in the report so that I can format the addresses to say "Firstname Lastname" instead of "Lastname, Firstname." But I can't seem to include those fields in the report. When customizing the report, I can check off "First name" and "Last name," but those fields keep showing up blank on the report, even when I know that the customers have those fields filled in. Is there any way to fix this?