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payroll liability adjustment in Pro

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  • payroll liability adjustment in Pro

    Just found that in a previous tax year, I failed to realize that when I adjusted my state UI tax rate down, that quickbooks had pulled out too much into the payroll liability account. The correct amounts were paid, but I now have a rolling balance in that account that has carried forward thru subsequent tax years. Is it possible to make a payroll liability adjustment for this year to zero out that account? I have enhanced payroll and wrongly assumed that quickbooks was adjusting those amounts once I re-entered the new rate. It seems that since the rate decreased I should have made that adjustment myself.

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    When you do the adjustment it asks for which date to use. Set the date for which the discrepancy is noted.

    I have to adjust my liabilities all the time because what the state says I owe does not match QB.
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      If this is an SCopr, will I have to change the taxes for that year, K1, etc with the change in the liability held out?