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Updating Pricing in Memorized Transactions

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  • Rustler
    Yes that answer applies only to QBO, in Desktop you have to edit and change each one.

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  • Yachtcollector
    started a topic Updating Pricing in Memorized Transactions

    Updating Pricing in Memorized Transactions

    I manage the bills for a small, member-operated yacht club. Each year I need to complete and mail about 320 invoices. I have used the memorized transaction list for this for many years and it has worked acceptably well as our prices have been very stable.

    Recently, the executive committee for the club began discussing adding a cost of living cost increase to our annual dues. This would mean that every year I would have a new price for the basic membership fee in the 320 memorized transactions. As far as I know, there is no way to update the memorized transaction list if you make a change in the pricing of an invoiced item. Casting about online, I found several references to the ability to "update prices in recurring templates", but I've not been able to find the "update price" box that is referenced in these notes and I am thinking that perhaps the comments are for the online version of QB, not the licensed QB Pro that I am using. Reference

    Is there a method or external plug-in that can be used with QB Pro so that a memorized list (or some external tool like it) can be revised to reflect price changes after the initial list has been built?