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Adding Grand Total to a report

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  • Adding Grand Total to a report

    I'm trying to generate a report of transactions in all types of accounts (Assets, Liabilities, Income & Expenses) filtered by Class. The General Ledger report and Transaction report give me what I need EXCEPT I cannot find a way to add a Grand Total to the report.

    Is there some way to do that? Alternatively, is there another report than can give me what I need?

    And yes, I'm referring to Quickbooks Online, not the desktop version.

    Thanks all...

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    There is no way to add anything to a report, they are canned. Export to excel and do it there


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      QuickBooks Premier offers an Profit and Loss by Class and a Balance Sheet by Class, both as "canned" reports.

      The equity section of a Balance Sheet includes multiple accounts, one of which is Current Earnings. What is not immediately obvious is that the Current Earnings is simply a summary total of the of the data from the Profit and Loss statement. Since the profit and loss data is already included in the equity section of the balance sheet, getting a Grand Total of both would be misleading at best since the Grand Total would be including the profit and loss data totals twice. (Technically that is not correct because when QuickBooks income statement accounts to the equity section of the balance sheet what were debit entries become credit entries and what were credit entries become debit entries. )

      A normal procedure when using CLASS as a reporting tool is to generate two reports: A profit and loss by class and a balance sheet by class. I have no idea if one can do this with QuickBooks on-line, but it a simple procedure to generate both reports with the Premier version. I think those two reports may give you what you want.
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