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  • QBO Invoice Templates

    Struggling with getting QBO invoice templates to work correctly so addresses are lined up? Our DocuSend App for QBO in the Intuit App store takes care of all of that for you. There are 4 template styles to choose from. We align your mailing addresses perfectly and even let you add your logo. You can add perforated paper and a remit envelope if you'd like. We will place your remit address in the right location. Then we print and mail them for you by the next business day so you don't have to.

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    I like the mentioned templates.
    I wanted to know how your templates would be new compared to the free ones provided by Intuit itself?
    Just a question though. You would help if you answer it.

    Thanks in advance.


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      They are just a slight modification of the existing Inuit templates. We re-formated them just a bit so the return, recipient and remit to address all align in our DocuSend # 10 and #9 remit envelopes. You can choose from Friendly, Airy Classic, Fresh or Modern. There's more info here on our site.