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  • Worst support ever

    I'm trying to migrate away from QBO to Desktop and have been facing the 'disappearing gear' problem which is a known issue for many users. However it seems Inuit is not concerned at all about its reputation or its customers.

    I've tried all the suggestions, using both Edge and IE, installing ActiveX, clearing data, adding 'trusted sites', using private sessions, and after two hours of hit-and-miss screwing around with various settings and different URLs finally got Edge to get me through the Company Interview process. About ten minutes later, I got an email saying this...
    Congratulations! Your QuickBooks Online Simple Start data for ****** LLC is ready to be downloaded.
    1. Please go to and log onto ****** LLC.
    2. Click the task or to do item called "Download the company file created on 02/15/2020".
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    Best regards,
    The QuickBooks Online Simple Start Team

    It comes as no surprise that returning to IE showed no 'task' or 'to do' item alert anywhere. So, where the hell am I supposed to download the file that was allegedly created? Out of frustration, I went back to my Intuit account and requested a data export, and got a pop-up saying it'd take up to 45 days. WHAT????? Are they KIDDING?????

    Then, I attempted to contact support for assistance through the app. I clicked on the buttons, submitted my name, email address and phone number and was told that a representative would contact me in five minutes. So far, it's been closer to an hour, and... crickets. Nothing. It's an OUTRAGE that a company of its size can't manage to fulfill a basic service function.

    Can someone please help me export my data from QBO to QBDT so I can move on with my life?

    Thanks in advance!

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    QBO to QBDT has always been a frustrating process, and sadly it is purposely (in my opinion) to not transfer the complete data file accurately. Some things do not export, inventory exports as service items with no history, payroll if you have it is exported as regular checks, these and other known problems have existed for over 9 years

    Print out the QBO P&L, balance sheet, inventory valuation summary (if you have inventory), and sales tax liability as a minimum, compare the QBO reports to the same reports in desktop after you have a desktop company file - they must match (use accrual reports not cash basis) , if not you have to find and correct the problems, intuit will not help

    I have not used this site, but you might consider trying it


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      I faced the same problem as well a long time ago.
      Did you follow these steps in an exact manner as possible?
      1. Login to your client's QuickBooks Online account.
      2. Go to the Gear Icon.
      3. Choose Export Data.
      4. Enter your reason why you're exporting your client's data.
      5. Click Continue.
      6. Under Moving to QuickBooks Desktop?, select Learn more.
      7. Under Download company data, choose Learn more.
      8. Review your data from the export overview screen, then click Get Started.
      9. In the Exporting from QuickBooks Online page, select Continue to Download.
      10. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete the exporting process.