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How to submit a complaint or speak to someone senior who can resolve problems

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  • How to submit a complaint or speak to someone senior who can resolve problems

    We have three different company files with QBKs (separate subscriptions for separate companies all under the same log-in).

    We currently have two lodged cases for two of our company files.

    One has lost its bank feed and we've been manually entering transactions for two months.

    The other has lost access to the payroll tab in the desktop app.

    Both of these issues have been raised with Customer Support however I've been told both 'are with our engineers and we have no idea when the issues will be fixed"

    I am beyond frustrated at receiving FAQ-style replies to my queries on this forum (cut-and-paste style "try this" that neither works or actually answers my question) and would like to speak to someone who can actually understand my problems, answer my questions and find resolutions - someone senior to a call-centre customer service phone answerer.

    Please help. Xero is looking more and more inviting right now.

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    Would you tell me which version of QuickBooks you use?
    Whether it is a desktop app or online service or cloud-hosted service?
    When did you buy the license?

    Have you tried using the cloud service from authorized service providers? As the ones who use this get dedicated service to get their problems solved.
    You need to provide more information to get help faster.

    I hope this helps!


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      The app was an afterthought when they designed QBO, log in using a browser and see if the payroll tab is there.

      If you scan th intuit user community you will find numerous posts with the same problem different banks and CC. All you can do is call intuit support and see if they are working on the issue with your specific bank, and if not get them started.

      There is no contractual agreement between the banks and intuit to provide that download service, and any changes the bank makes that affects that connection may break your connection. Several local banks have stated they will no longer support live feeds, since their support people spend way too much time on issues that are not the banks problems.

      Until, if, they get it fixed, you can log into your bank site, and look for a download that uses any of the following file types, that download can be imported into QB (.qbo, .qfx, .ofx). TO import, if I remember right, top right corner under update QBO is the link to import that manually downloaded file.

      Not much consolation or help I know.

      Relying on banking downloads to make your entries is a misconception intuit advertising promotes, IMO. You should be making the entries as they occur, and then you just match the download if and when you get it, or do a manual reconcile from a statement - 5 min max monthly. Making entries as they occur is the only way to have an accurate current company financial file.