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Backup restoration Issue

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  • Backup restoration Issue

    I am using Quickbooks for Mac 2015. I messed up my statements and want to just restore a copy of this company that I backed up at the beginning of the month. Can anyone help me with that? I can see the dmg file I want on my backup drive. It is about three weeks older than the copy that currently opens when I open the company in QB. I want to make sure it doesn't effect the other two companies I also have in QB. Thank you in advance

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    You double click the .dmg file to mount (open) it. Once mounted you'll see your company file, drag that to your documents folder, from QB Mac use file>open company, or the browse option from the no company open window, and navigate to the file.
    Mac OS X 10.14.5
    QuickBooksMacPro 2016