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QBs is Assigning Accounts to Payees Incorrectly

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  • QBs is Assigning Accounts to Payees Incorrectly

    When I assign an account to a Payee in my 'Downloaded Transactions' window, frequently, the next transaction will auto-fill to that same account. If I'm able to assign payee's correctly, when I 'add multiple' and move to my register, the account in each transaction is not as I assigned them but a complete random jumble of accounts. I then have to go through my register and reassign accounts to each transaction.
    Why is this happening???
    Thanks for your help!

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    When you write a check in QuickBooks Online (QBO), you need to assign the expense for which you’re writing the check to either an account or an item, and you can assign one check to both accounts and items. Follow these steps to enter and print a check:

    On the Expense Transactions page, click the Create New button.

    From the list that appears, click Check.

    QBO displays the Check window shown. The window is divided into several sections:

    The Header section: Displays the balance in the selected checking account, the selected payee and the payee’s mailing address, the payment date, the check amount and number, and the option to print the check later.

    The Account Details section: You use this when the expense is not related to an item you’ve defined.

    The Item Details section: You use this when you’re writing a check to pay for a product or service you purchased.