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auestions about customer list, sales receites and those limits

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  • auestions about customer list, sales receites and those limits

    Hi All

    Ive just started using Quickbooks Pro 12 and we are small business selling on Ebay and our own website. Im still setting up Quickbooks and generally playing around with it.

    My boss was not aware of the 14500 list limits until we had bought it and thatsa concern, however looking into it last night I found a blog which seems to suggest a couple of ways around it.

    Sadly I don't have a linky for the blog since I researched it at home. But it seemed to suggest there are TWO 14500 limits.

    1. For Vendors,Employees and Customer
    2. For Inventory,Stock, Item etc

    Is this correct or are they all rolled in to a single 14500 limit.

    Secondly, With Ebay we are looking to using something like Transaction Pro 5.0 to bring in the sales to quickbooks from ebay. The problem is of course each ebay sale will generate 1 new customer which means we would hit that limit fast.

    The blog seemed to suggest that we could delete customers to free up space, however my boss is concerned that we would lose the sales records for that customer once they were deleted from the customer list...since im sure your aware we need to keep financial records for up to 3 years which includes our sales.

    Or do the sales and records relating to any particular customer get kept even after we delete a customer?

    If thats the case then we will just delete customers once they have been on the record for 6 months or something.

    Many Thanks for any advice on this issue.


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    While you could probably get transaction Pro to "work" it probably isn't the best solution. You can look at T-hub which would integrate with both your webstore and E-bay as well as many other sales channels.

    There are a lot of other order management options available such as ECC

    Of course these are just two of them.

    With the order management software you can import your customer as a generic "e-bay customer" using only one "list name" in QuickBooks. You would handle individual customer management in the order manager and E-bay.
    John Cronkite


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      The limit for the Names List ( Customer, Vendor, Employee and Other Names) is 14500 and the Item List ( a separate list) is 14500.
      No, you cannot delete any list item/name until ALL transactions that use it are deleted.
      Joe Williams
      Piedmont, Ok


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        Wartrace - Thanks for the links, Ive already stumbled on Ecc and unfortunatily its out of our price range. But I will look into T-hub as ive not heard of that one.

        Joe Williams - Many Thanks Joe.




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          We can remove old list names (like customers) as part of a file supercondense, fyi.
          Shannon Tucker
          email: tucker at