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    I have entered deposits thru donations and have recorded them. Then sometime in the future, the deposits will show up again in record deposits. Most recently, a deposit from January 2019 showed up. This deposit, as with the other 2 have been reconciled previously. They are not double entries in Quickbooks. I have tried to just delete the entry in the register and reenter, but that does not solve the problem. Any help I can get would be great. Thanks.

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    I have not heard of this one, but it sounds to me like there is a data base issue. In Desktop, back up the file then use the main menu File>Utilities>Rebuild and run it as many times as necessary (but at least 3 times) until it completes, then run verify (if there are still errors run rebuild again), then close QB and re-open it and see if it helped


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      Rustler, you say to run the rebuild at least 3 times. I think I've seen that advice before. Does that mean that it takes 3 times to ensure a fix?


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        It seems that rebuild works strangely, it seems to find something, fix it, then jump out and says it is done. Typically that takes several times to get the rebuild routine all the way through the data file, and 3 times seems to be the minimum required.


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          Well today I did a backup of the file and restored to a different filename. I then ran rebuild. It found and supposedly fixed 1 issue. 2nd rebuild found and claimed to fix 11 issues. 3rd rebuild found and claimed to fix 15 of 16 issues. 4th rebuild found and fixed 1 issue. 5th rebuild found 0. rebuild 6 found 0 issues.


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            Perhaps your experience shows that a minimum of three rebuilds may be a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition. The moral of your experience is to run rebuild until it shows no issues and then run it again.
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