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Customer (Parent and child) Sales Tax Settings

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  • Customer (Parent and child) Sales Tax Settings

    We have multiple customers with different locations. (states)
    We crated a parent and Jobs for the "child". Reason being sometimes credit memos are applied to another customer within the family.
    Ex: Parent Customer A. Child B, Child C, Child D. A credit memo from Child C goes to Child D. Under this set up it is easy to post credit memos to another "child"
    If one child is taxable and another is not, how does this work since Sales Tax Settings can be entered only at the parent level?

    Thank you

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    Customer and jobs were set up as a concept where you were doing work for the same customer - as a result that customer taxable status carried over to the jobs. You can not change that.

    Jobs that have a different tax status from the present customer, will have to be moved to customer status, no longer being a job (child).

    You can still transfer credits from one customer to the another customer the way it has been done in QB for years, it was only last year I think that moving credits from customer to job became easy.

    create a liability account called clearing
    create an other charge item called move-credit and select the clearing account on the item screen

    create an invoice for the main customer in that amount (the amount of the credit) and use the move-credit item
    in receive payments click the invoice and apply the credit

    create a credit memo for the job, use the move-credit item and the amount
    in receive payments apply the credit to the job


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      You live in Irving, TX but make a sale to a buyer in Archer City, TX. Even though you’ve made a sale to a person in an entirely different taxing jurisdiction, you would still charge them the combined Irving sales tax rate of 8.25%. This rate is made up of the 6.25% Texas state rate, plus the 1% Irving sales tax rate and the Dallas Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) rate of 1%.