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    How do I print my new budget for the year( Account #, Title, $ amount)?

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    To create a budget:
    1. Select Settings ⚙️.
    2. Under Tools, select Budgeting.
    3. Select Add budget.
    4. Enter a budget name in the Name field.
    5. From the Financial Year drop-down list, select the financial year for the budget.
    6. Use the options on the Interval drop-down menu to specify whether the budget is Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly.
    7. (Optional) From the Pre-fill data drop-down list, specify whether to automatically enter data from the current or previous year into the budget, and specify the year to use.
    8. (Optional) From the Subdivide by drop-down list, specify whether to split the budget by Class, Customer, or Location, then specify what class, customer, or location to add to the budget.
      • If you don't see Class or Location options, those settings are not turned on. To turn them on go to Settings ⚙, Company Settings, Advanced tab, in the Categories section.
    9. Select Open, then select Next.
    10. If you did not use the Pre-fill data option, enter data into the table. Note: QuickBooks Online accepts decimals and does not round to the nearest dollar. You can edit the amounts at any time. If you do not see all your accounts and subaccounts, select the Settings ⚙ icon above the Total column and see if the Hide blank rows option is selected.
    11. Select Save or Save and close.

    I hope this helps!


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      Printing budgets in QuickBooks is easy. You need to follow these steps to do it:
      1. In the navigation bar, click Reports.
      2. Select Budget Overview in the Jump to Report field. ...
      3. If you have more than one budget, select the budget to print from the Budget drop-down list.
      4. (Optional) Make additional customizations to the budget report.
      5. Click Run Report.
      6. Click Print.
      I hope this helps!