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Check Company File Compatibility between QuickBooks Versions

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  • Check Company File Compatibility between QuickBooks Versions

    Upgrading QuickBooks Comes with attractive and useful additionally added tools but still not easy to Upgrade QuickBooks Software because upgrading might bring Enormous amounts of trouble or Something Else. Checking Company File Compatibility between QuickBooks Versions is essential because of its issues and errors could arise.


    Company File Restriction When QuickBooks Upgrade to another Version or Product.

    If you are looking to start using distinct QuickBooks Product, Or Edition or Version, Then You must know to be QuickBooks User the Restriction or Limitation of QuickBooks Company File.


    • Use Separate Folder, So you Can avoid to Overwrite Existing File
    • Don't Install Latest Version of QuickBooks Over the Older version of QuickBooks, in some instances to restore an old backup You have to reinstall the older version at a different location.
    • If you saved some transactions in the latest Upgrade version of QuickBooks but now you're looking to Start using an older version to acquire upgrade version all entries you have to manually enter entire Entires.
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    You cannot restore it unless you have the exact version of QuickBooks that created the backup, and you have absolutely no way of determining (from even the Properties) what version of QuickBooks created the backup.

    So you are out of luck.

    And then even if you can figure out what version of QuickBooks was used to create the backup, you will have to buy the older version and it probably is not available, even from Intuit.