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  • Filter off Ship To Address State

    Wondering if anyone has tackled this frustration. We need to be able to filter a report off ship to state. In the filters list, we choose name, state and this filter works nicely. But it filters things off bill to state, as opposed to ship to. Since sales taxes are actually calculated off the ship to state, we NEED to be able to filter it that way. I got the brilliant idea to instead just display ship to state, which is one of the available choices. Thought I could then just export the report to Excel and manipulate the data there. But when you try to export it you get a message that says there's not enough memory to open Excel. This only very rarely happens from QB to Excel. It seems as though QB really struggles to grab that ship to state and thus is creating a report that can't be exported.

    This can't be all that unusual. We are using Avalara to calculate our sales taxes externally. I merely want to reconcile their calculations back to QB, but Avalara obviously reports off the ship to state, and all we can get out of QB is bill to state. Anyone run into this and found a work around?? Thank you!

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    I have the exact same frustration eight years later. Is anyone aware of any progress in QB Enterprise 2018?


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      Even I thought about why such a thing still exists in QuickBooks. They need to make sure that this thing is attended to, in the future versions.