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Vendor showing on AP Aging Report with zero balance

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  • Vendor showing on AP Aging Report with zero balance

    Hi all,

    I have a two Vendors that show up on my A/P Aging Reports, whose balance is zero, but there were entries done as General Ledger entries.

    The problem appears to have started. prior to my being with the company, back in 2003. an amount of $100.00 was received from a Vendor, but for some reason was entered as a GL entry with the DR to the bank and the CR to a Payable account.

    In 2004 a second GL entry was done that DR the $100.00 out of the Payable account and CR to a misc income account. The problem was that instead of this entry applying to the same Vendor, there seems to have been a second Vendor set up with a slightly different name.

    In 2018 in an attempt to clear up the fact that now we showed one Vendor with a debit balance and one vendor showed a credit balance, two more GL entries were done to offset both of those so at least the Vendors both now show up as zero balances. The balance of this particular AP Ledger also shows zero.

    I have no idea why these entries were originally done properly through AP or AR.

    Is there a way to make these entries not show up forever on my AP reports. The Vendor balances are zero, the Bank GL is zero and has been made inactive.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.


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    I cannot think of an idea to undo what has been done. These will probably be like that only.
    Do let me know if you find a solution.


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      I wonder if you have credit memos that haven't been applied. I'd open the pay bills function, find the vendor and see if there are any open transactions that need to have credit memos applied. In other words you may have debits and credits that offset each other but they don't clear from the reports until they have been matched. GL entries to accounts payable still have to be applied against bills or they will remain visible in reports.


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        No, there are no credits to apply. all the transactions were done as General Ledger entries, so they net to a zero balance, but still show up on the report...forever. I would rather get rid of them being as they are so old and it is annoying for them to keep showing up. I have attached a copy of the report with how they show up.
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          Not sure what is happening then unless they've already been matched but the database has an error. Have you run Verify? I know that when I have general Journal entries that hit the accounts payable account, I can only apply them by using bill pay. If they aren't showing there then I can be of no help. Good example of reasons to avoid using GJ entries. Sorry.


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            Yes, it is a perfect example of not using GL entries for AR or AP. I have no idea why it was done this way, but still hoping for some magic way to get rid of these amounts.


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              If you have a zero balance line in an aging report it means that you didn't apply a payment to an open invoice or bill. The following are instructions for correctly applying the open transactions. Note the customer's name in question and find the customer in the customer center.


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                You might try changing one of the names to match the other name and basically merge the two vendors. This assumes the two accounts are indeed the same vendor. You will probably need the password to adjust a prior period entry, but if you don't change any amounts you should still be ok. Once the two accounts have been merged into one, you may be able to see a little easier where the issue is.