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  • QB Enterprise Connect with Tableau

    Hi All, I'm in the process of exploring various options on how to develop a connection between QB Enterprise and Tableau. I'm an expert in Tableau, but not QB Enterprise. Tableau does have a connection setup with QB Online, but not Enterprise. Is there any recommended middle-ware? Or methods to auto-export QB Enterprise Sales information to cloud storage in an Excel or Database?

    Thank you in advanced,

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    This is what I found
    The best practice for analyzing QuickBooks data in Tableau is to store that data inside a data warehousing platform alongside data from your other databases and third-party sources.
    To load QuickBooks data to a data warehouse, first pull the data off of QuickBooks' servers using the QuickBooks Accounting and Payments APIs.
    Analyzing data in Tableau requires putting it into a format that Tableau can read. Depending on the data source, you may have options for achieving this goal, but the best practice, as mentioned earlier, among most businesses is to build a data warehouse that contains the data and then connect that data warehouse to Tableau.

    Tableau provides an easy-to-use Connect menu that allows you to connect data from flat files, direct data sources, and data warehouses. In most cases, connecting these sources is simply a matter of creating and providing credentials to the relevant services.