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  • Duplicate Journal Entry Prevention

    We have the setting checked that warns that you are duplicating a reference number and it works for invoices and bill but not for journal entries. Is there a way to tell QB to warn for duplicate journal entries?

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    No there is not, and really QB is not designed to be used with journal entries. Journal entries should be the exception when using QB, they often do not work as you think they should, and when you use inventory type items they never work for inventory. It is much better to use the forms on the home page the way QB is designed to be used. Journal entries also bypass accrual/cash reporting, and will not show on many reports.


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      On the top or side menu bar, click on Preferences, Accounting, Company, to see if the box for "Automatically assign General Journal number entries is checked." This is an option I have in the Premier Version and I am thinking you may have the same option in the Enterprise version.
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        Thanks for the responses. That setting is checked. We do a relatively small number of journal entries and it increments properly until someone goofs. The problem comes when someone (usually me) uses an existing entry as a template and then saves it with an incorrect number. It seems to increment from the copied entry and then gives no warning of being a duplicate number when it's posted. Then they are out of sequence from that point until someone notices. I guess we'll have to outlaw copying.


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          I have found that journal entries don't work as they should. From what Rustler explained I believe that you'll have to start with a new template every time.
          Don't edit an already existing entry.