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Users see different results on the same report.

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  • Users see different results on the same report.

    We have a situation where users pull an accounts receivable report and see different totals. Different users signing on to the same machine will see different totals. If a user signs onto different computers he will see the same total and then another user will sign on , run the same report and see a different total. The report is the standard report in QB. The results of the report seem to be tied to the user/department. It has not been like this in the past. In an attempt to be clear: A manager will see a total in the AR report that is different than that which the sales department sees. If that manager goes to the sales department and runs the report, he will see his same total. He signs out, has a sales person sign in and the total will be different. All managers see one total and all sales department see another.Any idea what may cause this and how to fix it?

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    One idea as to consider: QuickBooks has the option for management to limit different persons to different reports. The following may be helpful:

    Another idea: One user's reports may be set to cash while another's reports are set to accrual accounting.
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      It appears to be a permissions issue caused by upgrading to 19.0.