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Crashes running reports

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  • Crashes running reports

    I have a small office running 5 computers, all Windows 10 with one of them being the "server" that hosts the company file. It is Enterprise desktop v19.0. When I try to run any report, on any of the computers including "server", quickbooks just closes. If I change the report to just one weeks worth of data, the report will load. So I have to do this by week increments until I get my desired dates. It's frustrating to say the least. It gets to be time consuming and tedious if there's a big report.

    I've had support look at it and they cannot figure it out. It's not a new problem - It's been there since the very first version I installed (2008). I don't have any connection issues, firewall exceptions are there, quickbooks is entered into my internet options trusted sites and is excluded in my anti-virus software. I have run a rebuild and verify many times and resorted all the lists. All of my computers have at minimum 4GB RAM and plenty of free hard drive space.

    The company file is pretty big, I wondered if a condense would help, except that it was an issue in 2008 when the file started. Has anyone come across this or have any other suggestions?
    Michelle M Holmes

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    I'm, not sure what is going on, but it sounds like you are running out of memory since the report works with less data. 4 Gig is the minimum, 8 is recommended, more is better.

    Condense, and in the accountants version period copy, rarely works accurately. If you do try it, be sure to print out all critical reports, then compare those same reports in the condensed version, they must match.