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Quickbooks 2019 Can't Access Excel for Mac

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  • Quickbooks 2019 Can't Access Excel for Mac

    Running MacOS Mojave (Version 10.14.4), Paralles Desktop 14 for Mac Home Edition (Version 14.1.3 [45485]) and Windows 10. Just downloaded Quickbooks 2019 running under Windows 10 (via Parallels) and find it will not, when clicking the 'E-mail' button, export the report to Excel for Mac 2011 because it "cannot be found". Prior to a couple of years ago Quickbooks 2012 used to export to this same Excel for Mac but stopped for some unknown reason. I figured that the new Quickbooks would resolve this problem.

    I can print my report just fine. When I click the 'Excel' dropdown box, I get the two options to 'Create ~' and 'Update~'.
    Touching 'Create~' I get the window all greyed out except "Create a comma separated (.csv) file", which proceeds as expected.
    Touching 'Update~' gives me the same.
    Touching the 'Advanced...' button in ether of the above two options gives me a new window with all features greyed out (other than OK and Cancel).
    When I click the 'Email' dropdown box I get the 'Send report as Excel' and 'Send report as PDF'. When I touch the former (Excel), I get a screen shot stating that Excel cannot be found. The PDF option works as expected.

    A very interesting addition to the above ... Quickbooks' Bank Register has a 'Download Transactions' function that allows me to go online and download my bank statement AND once the .csv file is downloaded, it asks if I want to open or save the report. Clicking 'Open', it immediately loads the file into Excel for Mac without my further action. So ... obviously Quickbooks is finding Excel for Mac while working on my Bank Register but not finding it to export a Report using the 'E-Mail' button displayed with a Report's menu.
    Was/is this cross-platform ability discontinued ? OR is there a configuration problem I am experiencing, please?