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  • Cloud based accounting

    Well its being held to ransom at its best.

    Australia as are other parts of the world going through rough times at this moment due to the Covid19 Virus.

    Businesses are being told that they must close while others are having to close due to patronage issues etc because of this Virus.

    This means that those businesses will not need to access their online accounting programs.

    We have been asked to help each during this pandemic but then you have a company like Xero who publicly states the following:

    “We are unable to provide subscription relief at this time.”

    “During this difficult time, our focus is on supporting our customers - accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses – and providing round-the-clock services to assist them to access their financial information in Xero and apply for government assistance,” the statement reads.

    “We are unable to provide subscription relief at this time - Xero is a relatively young business and significant Australian employer, and this could put at risk our services to all our customers, and negatively impact our employees.”

    Makes one wonder what Quicken, Reckon, Myob and the others doing?

    Makes me mad that they are not willing to support those who supported them in the first place by purchasing their software.

    Good idea to keep away from these pricks and ensure that your software is not cloud based.

    Ask you accountant to set up an EXCEL spreadsheet system. Will take longer but your not stuck to keep supporting these pirates!

    There are some software that are free and work okay but not quite as good as Quickbooks, Reckon or the like but you wont be held to ransom either!!


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    Cloud-based accounting software is based in the “cloud” rather than installed on your desktop or manually maintained in ledgers and journals. The software for cloud accounting is hosted on a remote server instead of a server on your business' premises. You can use QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting for accounting and bookkeeping.