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A/R in COA does not agree with A/R on Balance Sheet

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  • A/R in COA does not agree with A/R on Balance Sheet

    My A/R aging report is showing paid invoices, and the balance (both of the report and on the balance sheet) does not agree with the COA (which appears to be the correct amount). Verifying data didn't come up with anything, and a rebuild showed a fixed error 179; however, the problem persists.

    I did a search for 'error 179' which mostly comes back with an issue to connecting to a bank account, but we have never connected to our bank via QB. Another search said it was a transaction number issue, but I have no idea how to resolve that.

    We are using 2018 Desktop QB: Premier Nonprofit Edition (Canadian) and running Win10.

    Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

    With thanks,

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    Double check the detail for the A/R account. Most problems like this stem from the fact that QB keeps customer credits in the A/R account. That lowers the balance on the balance sheet as compared to the aging report.

    If you see paid invoices on the aging report, chances are the payment was not received against the invoice, just posted to the A/R account


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      Hi Rustler,
      The payments were applied to the specific invoices (if you opened the invoice from the A/R report, it showed as paid). This issue seemed to be with one specific group of payments, and persisted until this past week -- now the report seems to be fine. I have no idea what caused the issue, or why it disappeared, so crossing my fingers that this was just an anomaly. Thanks for responding to my question!


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        Select the Account field and select Accounts Receivable from the dropdown list. Enter the amount under the Debit column, tab to the Name column and select a Customer Name from the dropdown list. In the next line, select the offset account and enter the amount under the Credit column.