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  • Headings - Changing

    Is it possible in QB Premier Non-Profit Edition 2018 to change headings? Example: Can I change "Employees" to "Members" in our Model Railroad Club books. We are a 501 c 3 Non-profit club that has no employees. We do have vendors which also can be a club members. I would also like to add "Consignees" as we sell their items and then pay the "Consignee" after our commission has been taken out. Our "Commission" is part of our "Fundraising" activities. As the treasurer of the club I would like to make the books as easy to understand and to work with when I turn over my duties to someone else. Having an easy to understand system would be very helpful in this effort. TIA

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    employee has a distinct legal connotation, if you have an employee they are on payroll. So if you do not have employee's,. turn that off in QB preferences

    In QB a customer can also be a vendor, just a slight name change is required (I put a period in the customer name),
    but the short answer is no you can not change the headings


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      Thank you.