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profit and loss by job missing invoices

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  • profit and loss by job missing invoices

    I manage books for a not for profit construction firm and we are using the construction version of QB. I am trying to produce a p&L by job... QB seems to have a standard report for this but when I run the report...'Profit and Loss by job' some of the jobs total revenue is wrong. It is missing some of the invoices... The invoices all look the same to me...but for some reason !B is treating them differently... Can anyone advise please.? Thanks, Rick.

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    Here's one possibility:

    Let's suppose you are doing multiple jobs for one of your customers -- say Sunshine Housing. Look at your customer list and select Sunshine Housing. Your should find multiple jobs for that customer.

    For example, you should find something like:

    Sunshine Housing
    • Job 1
    • Job 2
    • Job 3
    Check the Invoices for Sunshine Housing to verify that each invoice for Sunshine Housing is for a specific a specific job and that the invoice is not just to Sunshine Housing.

    If a job does not show up on the invoice, it will not show up on the profit and loss by jobs report.
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      I do appreciate the response Lorin, but that is not the solution. The invoices are targeted to the specific jobs....but QB does not treat them properly....There must be some other factor I can't see.


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        Check the basis of the report, if the basis is set to cash basis, only those bills and sales that are paid will show.

        check the items on the missing invoices, if the item does not link to income or expense it will not show either, deposit, liability, etc


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          The Income Transaction Detail report provides a more complete view of your small business' income. While the Income Statement report only specifies the account from which a profit is generated, this report includes more complete information on the customer making a payment and, ideally, an invoice number and date to support the claim. The Income Transaction Detail also organizes your invoices and makes sure the totals from your invoices, your Income Transaction Detail and your profit figures from the Income Statement are the same.