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Poor item search in Invoice/Order mode

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  • Poor item search in Invoice/Order mode

    Trying to search for an Item while entering an order/invoice is very difficult. The scroll-down item window is not wide enough and severely truncates the item description. I've had to drastically edit my item descriptions to try and get the most important info into the first part of the desc. field. I've complained about this to QB on several occasions. The only thing they said was to search for the item in the main item list - that's a pain in the neck when you're in invoice mode. I'm tired of constantly downloading updates and never getting my problems fixed!

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    The fastest way I've found to bring up an item when in an invoice is to type the first 2-3 letters/numbers of the item name/number real fast then scroll the little bit to the item you need. for Intuit to change it to descriptions would be a major overhaul of the system, and not that many people want that ability. One place I worked all the items had a part number like AB-32 so when I was entering an invoice I could just bring up the invoice screen, and with the cursor in the item name field I'd type 'AB' and it would bring up all of the AB-XX items and I could just click on that one and go on. Quickbooks is written to fit as many different businesses as possible, so it wont fit every business perfectly...
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      I wasn't looking for a description based search. i just want them to make the scroll-down window wide enough to read more of the description. When you have 1000 skus with brand, size, color, model, etc. you need to be able to see the full desc. when entering an invoice. They've made the item number field so big
      it takes up half the window even though most people probably don't use a third of the available digit spaces.


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        I agree, this problem should be fixed easily by increasing the x and y axis for the search window. Why can't they easily fix this or have the user be able to increase the size. I have complained about this and they do nothing. It's such a simple programing fix. I have complained to support and the people who work that department don't even know the software. I have to admit this is a poor run company. I'm not sure if I am going to upgrade. Can somebody suggest a better software.

        I have another complaint, the invoice window should also display the cost and sales price. This way you can compare. It only shows mark up % and that's not enough information.


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          The support reps have been out-sourced to India. I'm sure they try hard but, like you said, they really don't know the product.
          We'll be looking at Microsoft RMS this fall - it's incredibly powerful. I'm not sure of the cost.


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            There's a link in the Help Menu where you can send a suggestion to Intuit. I plan on send ing the same message once-a-week.


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              I just looked and Microsoft RMS looks like a POS software package, it isnt an accounting package like Quickbooks at all. It does integrate with Quickbooks and some other programs though.

              Price? Hope you are sitting down... $1,290 msrp for 1 checkout lane.

              Keep in mind..QB's is written to match the needs of as many businesses as possible in a general way, so it wont fit the specific needs of some individual businesses/users. The only way to get that is to spend thousands with a software developer and have the software written specifically for your company. Specifically, how many people need that window to be able to show 50+ characters in the item column? Maybe one or two, out of how many millions? If the window was larger the millions of customers who have 4 character item numbers would be calling in to complain. You might consider coming up with an abbreviated item number system, or have a hard copy of the items handy when doing invoices. I am pretty sure you'd have a similar problem in other programs... or how bout using a barcode reader, that would make it a lot easier.

              As far as other programs out there, I havent really used most of them, but when talking to accountants and bookkeepers most of them have similar problems to QB's.

              Like was said earlier, submit a suggestion. the squeaky hinge gets the oil, it just might take a enough loud squeaks to get the attention of the mechanic.
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                You can change the size of the fields on the invoice itself. Open the lists menu and choose Template. Choose the invoice template that you are using from the list. Double clicking on it opens a new window where you can change the layout design of your invoice and change the size of each column. Hope this helps!
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                  We are a retail bicycle shop with internet and brick & Mortar sales.
                  I chose QB mainly because it was easy to set-up and I could edit the forms and custom fields to suit our needs. I recently filled out a survey with QB. One question asked what type of business we had. It was multiple choice, with bicycle shop being one of them,
                  so obviously there's enough of us using QB. There should be many companies that have multiple variations of the same item, that are having the same problem.
                  I agree Crazy - we'd have to shell out mucho $$$ for the perfect system. But they should fix this problem.


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                    BTW, QB customer support is a joke! They're all in India, taking American jobs, and they know nothing about QB. When you ask them a question or tell them your problem they just open their QB and try to do what you want to do or they try to duplicate what you were doing that caused a problem.