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  • Open PO report

    I'm trying to get an Open PO report that includes balances on only those items I haven't received. What I'm getting now is a report that includes the whole PO amount!
    Sandy Rocco
    XACTIX, Inc.

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    The only report I could find that shows items not yet received is the "Stock Status by Item report. It tells how many of a certain item are on a PO, but not which PO they are on. You could get that by double-clicking on the line on the above report though.
    Mammoth, AZ USA


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      Does the report show what you have rec'd ?

      B/c my Open PO Report will show the total ordered and then the next column shows what has been rec'd.

      I started by using the "canned" Open Orders by Job and then for every PO I wanted to track I assigned it to a Job. (I only use one Job to keep things simple.)

      Also, I memorized the report by using View - then Add:"Open Order Report to icon bar" - note: every time you modify the report you have to re-save it to the icon bar (and I usually delete the old one so as not to get confused or too messy up there)

      Good Luck - Hope this helps!