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    Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to run a report of items remaining to be shipped and invoiced from existing estimates/sales orders for a particular customer? Items remaining may come from multiple estimates/sales orders for the same customer. (There is no overlap of item names across customers.)
    Item name
    Quantity that remains to be shipped and invoiced
    Estimate #
    Order date
    Customer Name
    They need the ability to sort by Item name and estimate#.

    Items are defined as a service as no inventory is kept - the customers supply the materials.

    For example, if there are 2 estimates/salesorders for one customer that include the item, "shirt-blue-small", and there has already been a partial shipment/invoice, they would like to be able to see how many more shirts of that size and color still need to be shipped.

    I have found a third party software however it appears that all sales orders are entered externally to Quickbooks. We would prefer to keep the data within Quickbooks.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!