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Cut of statement for certain customers?

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  • Cut of statement for certain customers?

    We use Quickbooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale 2019. When we process statements at the end of the month, we have several print that we don't need to print. But I can't see a way in the customer info screen to cut off or change statement preferences. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Thanks!

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    In order starting from the Home page, select
    • Statements
    • Select Customers

    Click on SELECT ADDITIONAL OPTIONS and choose the appropriate options.

    Click on CHOOSE CUSTOMERS and either (a) Choose all and unclick on those to whom who do not want to send statements, or (b) Clear all and click on those to whom you do want to send statements.

    Memorize the report and include in the top menu bar. It should require only minimal editing in the CHOOSE CUSTOMERS area next period.
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    Lorin Browning, Ph. D.
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      Cut off Statements for certain customers

      The version we use is QB Premier Manuf. & Wholesale 2019. That option isn't available on the Statement screen. My only options are: All, Multiple, One, Cust Type and Preferred Send method. When I choose "All" and then "View Selected Customers", there is no way to "check" to not print a statement for a customer.


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        After clicking on Multiple Customers, did you select Chose?

        On my 2019 QuickBooks Premier, when I select Multiple Customers and then Chose, a complete list of all my customers shows in a drop down list that allows me to select one or more or all of them.

        I do admit, though, that I am using 2019 QuickBooks Premier in other than the Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition.
        Lorin Browning, Ph. D.
        Fellow -- National Tax Practice Institute