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Payment Deduction For Previously Paid Invoice

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  • Payment Deduction For Previously Paid Invoice

    Our customer paid an invoice in full then later decided that the order was received short; so they took a deduction from the payment of a subsequent order's invoice.

    We are disputing the shortage claim.

    We applied the payments received when we received them; however that leaves the first order's invoice showing as paid and the subsequent order's invoice still having an open balance.

    So now, on the AR Summary Report, the customer's balance is correct, BUT when we run the AR Aging Detail Report for our team that follows up on invoices with aging balances, it causes confusion as we begin to investigate the wrong purchase order/shipment/invoice with the customer.

    Is there a better way to record this?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    About all you can do is enter something in the memo block and have your team check the memo block when investigating