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Buying one item and selling it as two different brands

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  • Buying one item and selling it as two different brands

    Hi there! I am buying one item (e.g. Widget 1") from vendor. I am selling this Widget 1" in two different location under two different brand names (e.g. Tano Widget and Pro Widget)... How do I set up these same items in QB 2017 Manufacturing and Wholesale edition? When I purchase 100 pieces of this Widget from the vendor and then sell 30 items as Tano Widget and 50 items as Pro Widget the remaining count under this vendor's item should be 20 items... Is there any way to setup one item from one vendor and have it appear on invoices with a choice of either name as described above> Thanks for any help!

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    QB does not have an alias function for inventory, so you have to use a work around to get this done

    create a group item for the tano name, list the widget item in the group, set it to not print all items, and sell the tano group item. Pro widget can either be another group item or the name of the widget you buy and selll