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Bug with new payroll update?

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  • Bug with new payroll update?

    We are running QB Enterprise 18 and had a payroll update download this yesterday. After the update, I noticed an old payroll liability is now showing up again as past due, even though it was paid in 2017 when it was due. The check is still marked as cleared and the year has even been closed (and locked). Now this morning, I ran a payroll and when I went to transmit to Intuit, it is showing info on 4 old paper checks (dating back to June 2017, randomly spread out) as needing to be transmitted along with the payroll processed today. We ran a QB rebuild to see if the issue cleared itself with that, but no luck. The now pending 941 liability is correctly only reflecting today's payroll.

    Is anybody else experiencing anything like this? Reboots and rebuilds have had no success at clearing this up.