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Quantity on Hand by Site vs. Inventory Item QuickReport

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  • Quantity on Hand by Site vs. Inventory Item QuickReport

    Hi All! Hoping someone may know what's causing the following issue, how to resolve it, and how to prevent it from happening going forward.

    My company is currently running QB Enterprise Manufacturing & Wholesaling v18 and are running into an issue with the inventory module showing different quantity values for a few items when looking at the "Quantity on Hand by Site" reports and the "Inventory Item QuickReport". For example, on the QoHbS report shows a quantity of -13,066 for an item, by when I click into that figure for the QuickReport, it shows a quantity of 29,510. If I go to adjust the inventory balance via "Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand", the quantity of the item shows the same quantity as the QuickReport; 29,510.

    Per the recommendation of a few QB forums, I have tried looking for any future dated or historical transactions that could be throwing off the quantities reported, but have come up empty handed.

    One odd thing I have found is that we began using the inventory module @ 11/30/15, but if I set the QoHbS report date to 12/31/14, it reports back the exact variances for all items that I am seeing @ 12/31/17 between that report and the QuickReport; -42,576 for the item above.

    Apologies for the long post, but I'm hoping someone may have experienced this in the past and could shed some light on how they resolved it.