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Addittion of New Column in Invoice

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  • Addittion of New Column in Invoice

    Can I add extra column to Invoice like “QUANTITY” column so that I am able to get total of that column too in reports like “QUANTITY” column.
    e.g. I have made sales of item A on 5 different invoices, which contains below values;
    Quantity 1050 kgs
    Drums 5 (210 kg/Drum, 1 drum on each invoice, and issued 5 invoices)
    Now in report I want to show total of Packages too like Quantity.
    I tried by adding “Other” column by name of Packages in invoice but it doesn’t show total of that column in report.

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    Enterprise is supposed to have the ability to total a column, I do not have enterprise so I can not vouch for that, and I do not know if that applies to a custom column

    In pro and premier no you can not


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      The Other1 and Other2 columns are an odd artifact of much earlier QuickBooks versions and are not always well supported by other QuickBooks features, such as report generation. Instead of them, it's better to use custom fields that you've defined in the Item List, which are better supported by QuickBooks.

      To get totals and do other such calculations on invoices in all desktop editions (not just Enterprise), you might consider one of the 3rd-party add-ons FormCalc SST for QuickBooks, or CCRQInvoice.