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Importing Excel price list issue

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  • Importing Excel price list issue

    I am using QB Ver. 15. I have am Excel worksheet with updated product information. When I receive the info from my vendor I have to modify the worksheet and add several columns to it. Once I complete the import the first time QB will have update any of the item numbers that already exist in the system. I will then tell me how many errors I had and ask if I want to save them to a report, which I do. I always save them so I can review them.

    Generally the numbers it saves to the report are new numbers that were not already in the system. I add the necessary columns to the worksheet and save it. I have a different mapping configuration for the new item numbers that I use. I have never had this problem in the past. When I tried to import the new numbers into the system I receive an error just trying to select the file to use. The error is, "The specified file could not be found. Check the name and path of the file."

    Now, the file file does exist. I can open it in Excel with no errors or problems. When I select the file I use the browse button, find the file, and double click on it. This is when I receive the message. I have tries using two different computers with the same result. I have copied the file to my local HDD and had the same problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have no idea what would cause this as a definitive answer, but
    QB does not deal well with long path names

    if the file name has spaces, or special characters, that can also cause issues

    try copying the file to a parent directory and shortening the file name to all characters, no spaces or special characters