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How to show price and promo price on invoice.

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  • How to show price and promo price on invoice.

    We are using QB Enterprise Desktop 17 Manufacturing and Wholesale.

    We are a distributor and we have customers who get different pricing.
    We also have sales (promos) that run for a specific period of time.

    We have the price levels working and the promo pricing working.

    What we need to do is show the price before the promo (but with the price level applied) in 1 column, and then show the promo price in another column so that the customer knows they are getting the promo pricing. (This is actually in our contract to provide this. We are switching from MAS90, and we are able to provide it with that software.)
    (And, ideally - show the difference.)

    If you click the little icon in the price column, it shows the price level and discount info... how do I show that on the invoice?

    I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this with QB and could use a little help.
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    What you need to do is first create a custom field for an inventory item call it MSRP or something.

    then fill in the custom field for all items with the MSRP amount per item

    use customize data layout for an invoice, on the column tab check mark the custom MSRP field to show in print and or on screen, and set the order (lowest number is the leftmost column)

    This third party utility may help too
    I am not affiliated

    Then when you select the item the sales price, or the price level list price will show in the rate block, and the standard MSRP price will show in the MSRP block


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      Thank you very much for the reply!

      Will the price level rules update the MSRP column like it does the sales price column?

      We need to show the sales price (adjusted per customer by price rules) and also show a column with promo pricing if it applies for that item.

      So, if the sales price is $24.99 and the price level for Customer A is $22.99 and a promo for that item for that customer is $2 off, we need to show in one column the $22.99 and then the next column under the heading Promo Price $20.99, and in a perfect world, a Discount column that shows the difference, in this case: $2.00

      Under this same scenario, Customer B may have $23.49 as their price, and may have $1.50 as their promo discount. So their columns would be $23.49 for Price and $21.99 for Promo and $1.50 for Discount.

      We need a way to show the customer (per line) their discount to prove they are getting the promotional pricing.

      The promo rules are exclusive, so how can I possibly show the A price or the B price if the promo price overrules it?


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        Sorry I misunderstood what you were wanting, I thought you wanted standard price, price level price

        You say price rules, are you using enterprise? Sorry I don't have enterprise and do not know how price rules work. I saw that you said you use QB Desktop 17 Manufacturing and Wholesale, I thought that was premier since you didn't say enterprise


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          Yes, it's Enterprise.