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Exporting out and importing into a later backup (dying here)

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  • Exporting out and importing into a later backup (dying here)

    I was wondering if you could export information out of a current backup (like today's date) and restore it into a earlier backup (from 6 mos. ago). Mistakes were made in this company's quickbooks that were not caught till now. I've basically had to go back to a point where I've lost ALL entered information for 2017. I don't know how to handle it. Customer jobs that were created and paid off during that time, is just one heart attack. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I think you can do that with a third party utility, you definitely can not do that within QB
    Data transfer on this page
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      Thanks, I just started messing around with Transaction Pro's trial version. I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on the purchase but the trial, naturally, doesn't let you import dates. I also want to make sure I really "get it". I've obviously got a save of both instances where the information is/isn't located in QB. Would you think that jumping back and forth, manually entering everything is advisable? It's very confusing making sure you're in the correct backup with the save process being what it is. I look up and have 30 backup files and that becomes quite confusing. As if the original problem isn't enough. Thanks, Rustler!


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        Hey, thanks! Just saw your referral is a free program!