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Time limit for each customer/job?

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  • Time limit for each customer/job?

    Our new shop foreman came in with a really good idea. We assign each mechanic's hours to a customer/job with a unique job number. He was wondering: can you set up Quickbooks such that each job has a maximum/limit on hours that can be posted to the job?

    I'm thinking it would function similar to the credit limit for each customer. So, if you go over that limit, you get a warning (but can override). This would give us an automatic red flag for jobs running over.

    Can such a thing be done using Quickbooks Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition 2014?

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    That would be cool. . .however, it is not possible in the software at the moment.

    The best that you can get is an "Estimate vs Actual Report".

    I hope this helps,

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