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Does anyone with a dealership use QB Manufacturing?

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  • Does anyone with a dealership use QB Manufacturing?

    Hi everyone! I work for a small tractor dealership with one store and we are trying to move to a new system like QB but are not sure of its capabilities.

    Currently with HBS systems, sales and parts staff can enter into the system parts sold, options for tractor sales, repair orders, check inventory levels. Can QB do this? Our accounting department is not in the same location as our tractor dealership so we would like the parts and sales team to have limited access to the program.

    Can QB help us in our situation?

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    Yes but with limitations, and with an accounting dept removed from the shop, you are looking at a network or hosted solutions

    If what you are using is working, why are you thinking of changing accounting systems? When you change to QB there is a steep learning curve and that takes time.