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  • Build Reference on invoice


    I make assemblies (pens) which I want to be individually numbered for sales tracking purposes.

    What I was doing was for each pen, to create a new assembly with the unique number at the end e.g Ballpoint-123, Rollerball-124.

    This is very tedious as I have to go through the process for every single pen, so what I would like to do is to remove the number at the end and reference the build by the Build Reference number instead. This should be a lot faster.

    However, I cannot see how I would select a particular build for an invoice, which is very important for me. I also do not see an inventory report that will allow me to include the Build Reference as a column.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    Basically you are talking about serial numbers, QB does not do serial numbers
    even enterprise with the advanced inventory add on which is supposed to do serial numbers does not do it well at all.

    Short of assigning a number on the sales document there is just no way to do it.