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  • Create time delay in Sales Order

    Hello and thank you in advance to whomever can help me. I have come to know this forum as a tremendous wealth of knowledge for Quickbook users.

    My hope is to create a time delay in my sales orders which would keep the system from adding items to my pick lists until the item is due to be shipped to the customer.

    Example: Our customers will generally send a PO to us requesting 2500 pieces total, 500 shipped 02/09/10, 500 shipped 03/09/10 etc.

    How can I create a time delay in the S.O. so I can print a pick list and not have to manually refer back to the original order to confirm actual numbers to be shipped.

    We are going to be in a situation soon where this manual method simply will not work..

    Again, thank you for your consideration on this great issue of mine.


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    Try using Sales Order. You would create the Sales Order when receiving the P.O., and creating an invoice from it for each shipment. The S.O. will then track the un shipped amounts
    Joe Williams
    Piedmont, Ok