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30 days statement credit term

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  • 30 days statement credit term

    Hi, does anyone know how to set up the customer credit term based on statement on the quickbooks premier (i.e. Invoice date is 15/09/2008. Then if the credit term is 30 days statement, it means that the statement date will be 30/09/2008 thus the due date will be 30/10/2008). Thank you.

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    QB cannot handle the 30 day from sale date for the due date. However you can manualy change the Due Date on the invoice to any dat you want. You will need to show the Due date on Screen and Print insted of Terms.
    Joe Williams
    Piedmont, Ok


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      Due Date

      You could put in the terms on the invoice as Net 30. That is understood to mean that the customer has 30 days to pay the invoice. In addition, when you run a AR Aging Rpt, the invoice will show in the current section until thirty days have elapsed at which time it will then show up under the 1 - 30 day section of the report.

      What is it you are trying to accomplish?

      EdStockton, CPA


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        They want 30 days from the date of the statement instead of the invoice. If it were me, I would put that date on the invoice instead of the standard terms. You can create new terms if you need to.
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          Would you elaborate on creating new terms based on Statement day as described in original post. Client wants to preserve orginal invoice date for tracking purposes but to make the due date End of Month following as in original post.


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            End of Month

            Go to lists then customer & suppliers profile lists then terms list
            Create new term at bottom left of page

            name E.O.M

            click date driven

            net due before 30 day of month

            Due next month if issued within 30 days of due date

            hope that helps then keep an eye on it for a while to make sure you have it correct