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Inventory issue on premier desktop

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  • Inventory issue on premier desktop

    I am trying to update my Items list so that my reports are easier to run and review. But I am stumbling over how to do this.

    I create and sell Crochet patterns and books. I sell them in both print and in digital formats. I sell them direct to the customer and wholesale in the following ways:
    1. retail on my own website (both print [inventory] and digital [non-inventory])
    2. wholesale on my own website (both print [inventory] and digital [non-inventory])
    3. wholesale through a distributor (just print [inventory])
    4. retail on sites such as Amazon and IngramSpark for books (both print and digital [both non-inventory because they are POD for books])
    Is there a way to set up the products so I can track inventory correctly but structure it like the following:

    Pattern/Book X
    Digital (non-inventory)
    Print (inventory)
    Digital (non-inventory)
    Print (inventory)
    Other platforms
    Digital (non-inventory)
    Print (non-inventory)


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    No not really

    retail, wholesale and other should be classes in my view, then you can report on those classes as needed. Using a class you tag the transaction line item (or the whole transaction), and then you can run either a P&L by class, or just a class report from the menu lists>classes

    In QB inventory items are unique, print that you sell is one item per type of book, how you sell it has nothing to do with stockage


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      Select reports > inventory > inventory valuation detail. Change the report to show all dates. Look through the report for items showing a negative amount in the on-hand. Adjust the dates so that the bill dates are before the invoice dates.