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Quickbooks freezes when emailing but only once

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  • Quickbooks freezes when emailing but only once

    I am using Quickbooks 2017 Premier. When I click to email a purchase order, it freezes up and does nothing. So I end the QB app with task manager, restart it and then it emails just fine from then on. It does this 1 time every day after I log on, then it works the rest of the day for the most part. Any ideas? It's got me baffled and it's getting really old.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Thank you, but that's when the problem DOES happen, or anytime I open Quickbooks normally, but only the first time. Once it freezes, I can't close it or anything so I use task manager to force close it. Then I open it back up and it works fine from then on until I exit Quickbooks and reopen it again, then it will freeze one time until I force close it with task manager again. It's very strange.


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      I am curious if it does it with an admin user, right click on the icon and select open as admin (system admin not QB admin) and see if it does it the first time then


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        I always log in as the admin user and it does the same for me.