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Versions of QB to work on a client's file and return it to them

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  • Versions of QB to work on a client's file and return it to them

    So, I'm at the point of preparing to start my own bookkeeping/tax business. I've been told that to work on a client's QB file that I'll need to have the same year version of QB as they do in order to work on their books. For example, if I have the 2020 QB Desktop Accountant's version but the client has a 2018 version of QB, I'll need to invest in a 2018 Accountant version of QB to work on their books. Is this true? If so, I'll need about 3 or 4 different versions of QB to be successful. Any comments appreciated, thanks.

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    Well yes and no,
    premier and enterprise accountant will work on and save a file that is one year old. So 2019 premier accountant will be able to work with 2018 & 2019 files from pro or premier.

    enterprise accountant can only work with enterprise files, but the same one year back convention applies


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      Thanks, Rustler. This won't catch me by surprise now. How much disk space does QB Premier take up? I may need to look at a larger hard drive capacity with the purchase of a new laptop to accommodate several QB installations. Thanks again.


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        Hard drives are so cheap now, and so large that I honestly have no idea how much space QB needs. I have a 500Gig RAID-1 set up, and have 5 years of QB installed presently


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          From the File menu, select Send Company File. Select Accountant's Copy then View/Export Changes for Client.
          If you want to save the file locally:
          Select Create Change File.
          Choose the appropriate location you want to save the file in then Save. ...
          Select OK.